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Effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique on S...

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Effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique on S...

Effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique on Stress and Emotion Regulation on Elderly Women in Old Age Home

Author Name : Guru Deo, Anju Rani


Background: Now a days elderly people are affected in many ways due to various factors in modern times.  Elderly people experience more stress and frequent of emotional disturbances and at the last option they choose to stay in the old home. 

Aim: To study the Effect of Mind Sound Resonence Technique (MSRT) on stress and its secondary psychological disorders in elderly women residing in old age home.

Methods and Materials: To carry out this study, 35 female subjects with 60-75 years of age were recruited with informed consent from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. The design was a single group pre-post. The elderly women were given the practice of Mind Sound Resonance Technique for thirty minutes per day.

Result: The present study showed significant result in physiological changes like Respiratory rate (p<0.001), pulse rate (p<0.01). The changes were observed in emotion regulation especially expressive emotions suppression was improved positively. The cognitive reappraisal (p<0.001) and expressive suppression (p<0.001) were changed after MSRT practice but cognitive appraisal was decreased which showed changes but in negative direction. But there was no significant change in systolic blood pressure (p>0.05), diastolic blood pressure (p>0.05), general health (p>0.05) and stress level (p>0.05).

Conclusion: The result of the study showed that all elderly women who participated in the study improved overall health. They were benefited in regulating emotional expressive suppression emotions, reduced perceived stress which often manifests in the form of other disorders called psychosomatic disease.

Keywords: MSRT, Elderly women, stress, emotion regulation, general health.