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Effectiveness of Concept Attainment Model and...

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Effectiveness of Concept Attainment Model and...

Effectiveness of Concept Attainment Model and Gaming Strategy in Environmental Awareness among Elementary School Learners

Author Name : Dr. Suman

In this paper, the author has discussed about the effectiveness of concept attainment model and gaming strategy in environmental awareness among elementary school learners. The unprecedented increase in population and intensity of human activities, which have occurred largely in this century, has been brought about by the growing mastery of science and its application. In this experimental study pre test, post test, control group design was employed on a sample of 120 class VIII students. Environmental Attitude Scale (TEAS) by Haseen Taj, ‘Jalota’s verbal group test of general mental ability and ‘socio-economic status scale’ by ‘Rajiv Lochan’ and ‘Chauhan’ and self developed achievement test in environmental awareness was used to collect data. Data was analysed using t-test and ‘ANCOVA’. Concept Attainment Model (CAM) was found better than gaming strategy and traditional method of teaching as far as achievement in environmental awareness attitude towards environment is concerned.

Keywords: Concept Attainment Model (CAM), Gaming Strategy (GS), Environmental Awareness.