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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Its Impact on Hu...

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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Its Impact on Hu...

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Its Impact on Human Life

Author Name : Ashwani Kumar , Dr. Vijay Dangi

ABSTRACT  An Electromagnetic Spectrum contains an array of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies but is unseen to human with naked eyes. In our daily life we are surrounded by these waves as everyone is exposed to electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and transmission of electricity, domestic appliances and industrial equipment, to telecommunications and broadcasting. The article provides the summary of the types of electromagnetic radiations which have their effects on human body as well as medical usage of these radiations for the treatment of various diseases. The paper presents that how electronic technology advancement has helped as well as created harmful impact on human’s life. These effects are short term effects and long term effects. Decreasing the area of vision, stress and tiredness, loosing of concentration and attention, hearing problem and headache these can be seen as the short term effects. The long term effects that are commonly seen are irreversible hearing problems, damaging of embryonic development, risk of miscarriage increase, sperms count decrease, brain tissue damage, cardiovascular disease, memory loss, lymphoma and DNA (Deoxyribose Nuclic Acid) damage. So risk assessment of Electromagnetic spectrum is necessary for prevention from Electromagnetic field to minimize the risk.