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Elements of Nature in the Poetical Works of S...

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Elements of Nature in the Poetical Works of S...

Elements of Nature in the Poetical Works of Sri Aurobindo

Author Name : Komal

One of the notable spiritual figures in the Annals of Indian English Literature is Sri Aurobindo. In comparison to many of the most prominent poets of his era, he occupies an unparalleled position. His poetry surpasses the human soul while yet reaching out to the human heart. In many of his writings, he has masterfully captured the image of nature. After spending a significant portion of his life in prison, he retired from worldly pleasures and took up the life of a seer in Pondicherry, where he attained spiritual enlightenment. A unique space in his spiritual consciousness is reserved for poetry. We'll shed some light on his spiritual illumination, which manifests as Nature.

Sri Aurobindo stands out as one of these figures who has effectively occupied a big portion in the hearts of millions around the world via his efforts. It is said that great men who have done wonders for the world stayed mortal in the hearts of the people. One of these works, "ENGLAND AND BARODA," published between 1883 and 1898, emphasises the importance of nature.He writes ;