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Emotion Detecting Dairy

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Emotion Detecting Dairy

Emotion Detecting Dairy

Author Name : N.Mohan Satya Surapa Raju, V.Veera Venkata Satya Mallikarjun, K. Ch Siva Satya Venkata Saikrishna, G. Yashwanth Sri Sai, Tejinder Thind


In this universe exist individuals who suffer from problems linked to fear, frustration, and so on, leading up to negative phenomena such as depression. These problems in their primary stages can be held in place with certain primary measures.

Emotion detecting diary employs an emotion recognition algorithm to measure our emotional state to determine whether or not we are stressed. It communicates with us via a chat both that asks us questions regarding the depression/anxiety state of the user.

Keywords— Natural language processing, Emotion detection, Dairy, Emotions, Sentiment analysis, Ontology