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Employability Skills of Management Students: ...

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Employability Skills of Management Students: ...

Employability Skills of Management Students: A Study of Student’s Viewpoint

Author Name : Aditi Vinod Arya


Skills that are in high demand by employers in today's economy are known as "employability skills," and developing them has become a top priority for students, schools, and governments. Considering the significance of abilities, a survey of bankers' opinions on the employability of recent management graduates was conducted. The study surveyed 95 bank officials, 45 each from the public and private sectors. Various descriptive statistics and a t-test have been used to examine the collected data and ensure the reliability of the results. Based on the data, it's clear that leaders in the public banking sector value qualities like the ability to make sound decisions, delegate tasks effectively, act with integrity, think critically, and perceive patterns and trends. Conversely, private sector financial institutions pay attention to trans-disciplinary competence, cognitive load management, design mindset, virtual collaboration, and novelty competence. Institutions of higher learning are urged to focus on helping students acquire marketable skills in order to boost the effectiveness of management grads in the banking industry. Students will benefit from this exposure to the real world of work if teachers take them on tours of local businesses and set up meetings with seasoned industry professionals.

Keywords: Employability skills, Management, Students