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Energy Generation from Speed Breaker

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Energy Generation from Speed Breaker

Energy Generation from Speed Breaker

Author Name : Nikhil M. Ramteke, Rahul G. Kumbhalwar, Mr. K.M. Dhenge

ABSTRACT As there is continuing increase in population the demand of power is also on a rise. The situation of energy crisis is also prominent as the conventional sources of energy are depleting. In order to provide solution to this problem in a way possible by using the technique of energy generation from speed breaker with the help of rack and pinion mechanism. Conventional sources pollute the environment and are limited in quantity so our focus is towards non-conventional sources which are eco-friendly. This project emphasizes that specially designed speed breakers could be used for generation of power. The kinetic energy produced due to the motion of vehicles on the speed breaker is being wasted on the roads on daily basis in different form which could otherwise be used to generate power and this power can be stored in batteries. This project shows the method to generate electricity by using rack and pinion mechanism where basically linear motion is converted into rotatory motion which further used to generate electricity and this method is eco-friendly.