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Energy Policy-Wonderful steps for Modern Indi...

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Energy Policy-Wonderful steps for Modern Indi...

Energy Policy-Wonderful steps for Modern India which will Improve energy service, Environmental development, social and scientific growth and socio-financial security for future

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


India is a developing country with a second largest population and fourth largest energy consumer in the world. India is facing serve environment and climate change crisis along with economic development. In order to cut on environment issues , India is shifting towards renewable source of energy to cut down on greenhouse gas emission , renewable energy will help India to generate electricity in remotes areas which otherwise is difficult due to lack of road infrastructure. India has ample amount renewable energy resource wit receives highest amount of sunlight, with having good rivers and water ways connectivity for solar panel and wind tribune installation and biomass energy from agriculture and forest area, with India being an agricultural country. However nothing comes without limitation, though renewable energy has many benefit, it does encounter some challenges, for the development and construction of renewable energy, we are highly dependent upon non-renewable sources of energy which results in harmful environment hazard and have issue health risk associated with it, which needs immediate action. We need to bring in new methods and ways with technological advancement for instance creating renewable energy hubs , smart waste management system in both urban and rural areas , built chain link corporation, logistic in  renewable energy , introduce scientific gadgets ,light weighed floating energy chambers, mandatory use of two renewable source of energy in daily life.

Keywords: Renewable energy, light weighed floating energy chambers, solar panel, greenhouse emission, scientific gadgets, generate electricity, environment hazard, climate change