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Entwined in the Alluring Champaign; a Scout f...

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Entwined in the Alluring Champaign; a Scout f...

Entwined in the Alluring Champaign; a Scout for Magic Realism in S. Hareesh’s Moustache

Author Name : Sarithamol. KP


Magic Realism is one of the various techniques of the post colonial writers to illuminate the period of persecution and identity crisis they experienced in colonial era. It encourages writers to reflect on the hard times they have gone through, their cultures that were rich and then destroyed, and their entrenched existence in mixtures, despite the illusion.  Moustache also speaks of the colonial life of Kerala.  The novel chooses the romance and mystery of magic realism to narrate the extraordinary life and resistance of Vavachan, who is subjected to double oppression. Moustache, an example of a new experiment in Indian regional literature, has been the subject of controversy for its open-mouthed nature and the mentioning of caste names

Key words:  Canals, paddy fields, oppression, identity, caste, reality, illusion, trap.