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Experimental Analysis on fibre Reinforced Fly...

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Experimental Analysis on fibre Reinforced Fly...

Experimental Analysis on fibre Reinforced Flyash and concrete

Author Name : Ashit Roperia, Er. Yudhvir Yadav

ABSTRACT: The ultimate aim of this work is to explore the effect of various parameters involved, such as the strength behaviour of fibres, the relative size of fibres and grains and the rate of shear on the shear strength of polypropylene fibre reinforced fly ash with different percentage loading of fibres. The experimental results expose that the inclusion of polypropylene fibres in soil increases significantly the shear strength. Contrarily, the inclusion of the carbon fibres did not produce a clear beneficial effect. In both cases, the shear strengths results are endorsed to the different micro mechanisms involved in the fibre/soil interactions as studied through scanning electron micrographs.