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Experimental and Analytical Study on Friction...

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Experimental and Analytical Study on Friction...

Experimental and Analytical Study on Friction Stir Processing

Author Name : Varun Kakkar, Dr. Rajesh

ABSTRACT Friction Stir Processing is a new Microstructural Modifications technique and recently it has become an efficient tool for refining the grain structure of the metal sheet and also it is homogenizing. It enhances the Super plasticity in many aluminium alloys. Aluminium has an excellent workability, light weight, corrosion resistance and high electrical, thermal conductivity. Friction Stir Processing has recently become an effective Microstructural modifications technique. Reported results showed that for different alloys, FSP produces very fine exuviated and the homogeneous grain structure. FSP is considered to be a new processing technique and more experimental and analytical investigations are needed to advance the industrial utilization of FSP. Most of the work that has been done in the FSP field is experimental and limited modelling activities have been conducted. Attempts to develop predictive model to correlate the resulting microstructure with process parameters are scarce. The most serious weakness from the engineering viewpoint is it’s relatively low modulus of elasticity, about 1/3 that of Steel.