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Experimental Study of Genetic Architecture of...

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Experimental Study of Genetic Architecture of...

Experimental Study of Genetic Architecture of Sheep Population

Author Name : Virendra Sehrawat

ABSTRACT: The study was undertaken with the objectives to study the effects of non-genetic factors, to estimate phenotypic and genetic parameters and phenotypic and genetic trends and divergence analysis of synthetic sheep population. The data were collected from records maintained in the project in the Department of Animal Breeding, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. The data on economically important traits were collected on 1118 animals for 15 years (1986 to 2000) & these animals were grouped into seven generation viz. G1 to G7. The economic traits studied were: Birth weight (BW), Weaning weight (WW), Six-month body weight (SMW), Pre-weaning average daily gain (PRWDG), Post-weaning average daily gain (POWDG), One year body weight (YBW), Age at first lambing (AFL), Weight at first lambing (WFL), Average lambing interval (ALI), Grease fleece weight (GFW), Staple length (SL), Average fibre diameter (FD) and Medullation per cent (MP). The data were analyzed using Mixed Model Least-squares and Maximum Likelihood computer programme.