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Face Emotion Recognition using Neural Classif...

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Face Emotion Recognition using Neural Classif...

Face Emotion Recognition using Neural Classification Extraction of features

Author Name : Anuraag Raghuramchandra Kaveeshwar, Nithin Reddy Annarapu, Durga Bhavani Yelijala, Ganesh Naik B

ABSTRACT Deep learning has repeatedly demonstrated its skill in producing astounding outcomes by handling challenging challenges containing equally challenging knowledge. The facial expression space's use in the identification of feelings is one of its magnificent uses. Face expression recognition is the process of grouping facial expressions into several categories, such as anger, fear, surprise, sorrow, happiness, and so on. In order to have a better laptop prediction, researchers in this subject are interested in creating methods to decipher, analyse, and extract these options from face expressions. Face expression analysis is useful for a variety of tasks, therefore deep learning applications in this area are also quickly growing. We'll be able to review a number of recent analysis projects in this area, offer some new applications, and clarify the broad processes for implementing each one of them into practise.