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Factors Contributing Students' Performance in...

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Factors Contributing Students' Performance in...

Factors Contributing Students' Performance in Adolescence

Author Name : Ms. Jashandeep Kaur


Educators and policymakers have been concerned about students' performance and accomplishment in middle school. The majority of earlier research on student academic performance focused on problems such as teacher education, classroom environment, gender differences, teaching style, family educational history, and socioeconomic factors. The current research focuses on the elements that influence students' performance during adolescence. It looks at the impact of social skills on academic success, as well as other important elements that lead to better performance. The research reveals how psychological, economic, social, personal, and environmental aspects influence student achievement. During the transition to middle school, trust and a sense of belonging appear to be important elements in strengthening student relationships and supporting academic progress. The study also demonstrates that the student's aptitude and competency in the needed Language is the most critical element in determining their performance. Aside from English proficiency, students who participate in class discussions exceed their peers.

Keywords: Adolescence, Academic performance, Aptitude, social skills, Transition.