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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector go “Green...

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector go “Green...

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector go “Green”

Author Name : Pragati Singh, Dr. Anjani Kumar


Green Marketing is a modern concept which is adopted by almost all the sectors in the world. Green Marketing techniques and strategies are adopted by the FMCG sector. Green marketing practices involves not only production of goods and services which are green in nature but also reduces unnecessary wastage of natural resources, involves green packaging, reduces wastage of resources at the time of production and use more renewable resources for production of their goods which promotes sustainable development and conserve the natural resources. The FMCG sector has begun to notice that environment plays an important role in business in all the aspects. Due to high level of environmental issues customers are more demanding green products and services which makes green lifestyle as a new trend for every customer. To fulfil the demand and need of the customers FMCG sector start adopting green marketing. FMCG sector start developing environmental management system to promote their green efforts. This research paper is descriptive in nature and it is based on the secondary sources which are collected from the various different sources such as books, websites, articles and research paper. This research paper explains the concept of green marketing and FMCG sector. This paper also focuses on the green strategies of marketing, green claims which are promised by the FMCG sector and also focuses on the green features which has become an essential part of FMCG sector which has improve the quality of the environment up to some extent.

Keywords- FMCG sector,Green Claims, GreenFeatures, Green Marketing,Green Strategies,