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Feature Extraction Techniques for Multimedia ...

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Feature Extraction Techniques for Multimedia ...

Feature Extraction Techniques for Multimedia Information Retrieval System

Author Name : Jalal Mujawar, Chitra Joshi


Due to rapid expansion in the image database on the internet an efficient and effective technique is required for the retrieval of images from the database. Here comes the topic Content- Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). Content-Based Image Retrieval system uses the contents of image such as color, shape, texture etc. These contents are also called as ‘Features’. Images can be stored and extracted on the three basic features that are color, texture, and shape. It is very important to have the knowledge about feature extraction techniques used widely in some of the existing CBIR systems. In this paper we are going to discuss the existing techniques of feature extraction, how to relate low level feature to high level features to extract semantic concepts from images. We will also discuss the techniques for extracting the features which we have used in our system.

.   Keywords: Content Based Image Retrieval, Feature Extraction, Color moments, GLCM