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Fischer indole Method for indole Synthesis: F...

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Fischer indole Method for indole Synthesis: F...

Fischer indole Method for indole Synthesis: From Conventional to Green Approach

Author Name : Sirsendu Gayen


One of the most prevalent heterocycles in nature, indoles serve as the structural and functional backbone for a number of fragrances, dyes, agricultural compounds, and medications. Due to the variety of indole structures and the wide range of uses for both natural and synthetic indole derivatives, the synthesis of indoles has been an active study area.  Traditional method of Indole synthesis requires a broad range of acid catalysts which have several environmental and health issues. To overcome these difficulties, several green approaches have been developed over the period. This strategy includes using biocompatible solvents, HPAs as catalysts, and other process. This review paper highlights a few of these methods.

Key Words: Fisher Indole Synthesis, Biological Activity, Traditional Method, Biocompatible Solvent, Green Synthesis