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‘‘Formulation and Assessing the Healing P...

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‘‘Formulation and Assessing the Healing P...

‘‘Formulation and Assessing the Healing Potential of a Poly Herbal Spray for Wound Healing’’

Author Name : Ashwini A Pawar, Chirag Laddha, Vaishnavi Bora, Saurabh Bodkhe, Yogesh Vaidya, Jayesh Tuldnayat, Aijaz A Sheikh, Kailash R Biyani

ABSTRACT The study focused on creating an herbal spray for healing wounds, mainly using the medicinal plant Tridaxprocumbens. This plant is known for treating cuts, wounds, and burns. The results showed that Tridaxprocumbens leaves could effectively aid in skin healing. The spray used aerosols or pressurized packages, making it easy to apply without contamination. It delivered the medication directly to the affected area, providing stability and quick response. However, challenges like cost and environmental concerns were acknowledged. The study explored the chemicals in Tridaxprocumbens, discovering various compounds without pinpointing the exact ones responsible for its medicinal properties. The extraction process and preformulations studies confirmed the presence of beneficial compounds in the plant. Microbial studies demonstrated its antimicrobial activity against certain bacteria. Analytical techniques like TLC, UV spectroscopy, FTIR, and HPLC were used for characterization, identifying specific compounds. In summary, the herbal spray, especially with Tridaxprocumbens, showed promise in safety and effectiveness. The study highlighted the significance of traditional herbal medicine and the potential for new drugs from medicinal plants.