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Formulation and Evaluation of Silver Nanopart...

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Formulation and Evaluation of Silver Nanopart...

Formulation and Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles Doped Vanishing Mentha Cream

Author Name : Vasanthan A, Senthilkumar K. L, Gokulan. P.D, Venkateshwaran.S, Suresh.V, Parthasarthy.M, Praveen kumar.K, Velmurugan.K


Herbal cosmetics are very significance because of their good activity and without side effect with synthetic drugs. Mentha (Mint) is one of best Indian herbal product widely used in various antibacterial activities. Silver is very attracting one of the essential element and their nano products were used in various field such drug carrying, doping, antibacterial, cycto-toxicity, etc. In this work, silver nano-particles (nAg) are synthesized by using hydrothermal method. nAg doped vanishing menthe cream were prepared by using incorporating method. The synthesized nAg/Mint vanishing cream was characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer(FTIR). Different evaluation methods were used to examine the quality of the created product.

Key Words: Vanishing Cream, Mentha, Silver nanoparticles