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Frustration, Creativity and School Performanc...

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Frustration, Creativity and School Performanc...

Frustration, Creativity and School Performance of Congenitally Visually Impaired

Author Name : Dr. Anjul Sharma


Present study is an attempt to investigate frustration, creativity and school performance of congenitally visually
impaired. As perusal of researches conducted in the area of Visual impairment reveals that some attempts have
been made to understand visually impaired its characteristics and their performance in different fields including
academic achievement. But these studies are including academic achievement are in conclusion. It may be
because the investigators have combined both types of Blinds in the sample of their research. However, some
attempts have been made to study them according to the type of Visual impairment. but no attempt seems to
have been made to compare congenital and advantages blind on psychological factors frustration and creativity
and school performance in subject after eliminating the effect of socioeconomic status and intelligent therefore it
was felt to study this population keeping in mind the age of onset of blindness.123 visually impaired students
belonging to three institutions were selected for the sample of study. Frustration test by N.S Chauhan and
Govind Tiwari was used. Creativity test by Bakar mehndi, Socio-economic status scale by RL Bhardwaj and NS
Chauhan was used for intelligence test PN Mehrotra test was used full stop the data was collected through
interview technique since the measuring instruments were not available in Braille script. The relationship
between frustration and creativity are not different from each other. Similarly the frustration is not significantly
related with school performance means frustration does not hamper the achievement in school subjects