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FTIR, Antioxident and Phytochemical Analysis ...

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FTIR, Antioxident and Phytochemical Analysis ...

FTIR, Antioxident and Phytochemical Analysis of Alpinia Galangal Rhizome

Author Name : SELVARAJ A


Plants have the capacity to translate the energy from the sun to chemical products or metabolites, which are consequently converted to food and medicine for use by man and animals reviewing of the genus Alpinia showed its incredible biopharmaceutical potentials as evident from earlier published reports and are gaining the attention of researchers from different disciplines. The presence of the bioactive substances such as flavonoids, tannins and terpenes is the key for its therapeutic efficiency. From the present work prepare the crude extract of alpinia galangal rhizome the solvents hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol and examine it FTIR, phytochemical, screening study and anti-oxidant analysis.

Key words: FTIR, Alpinia, Anti-Oxidant