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Graphene oxide based scaffold for drug delive...

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Graphene oxide based scaffold for drug delive...

Graphene oxide based scaffold for drug delivery

Author Name : Braham Dutt Arya, Priyashree Sindhu

ABSTRACT  Nanomedicne is the field that establishes the founding stone for the future of the target specific drug delivery. Graphene oxide nanosheets having very high surface area and its conjugated product with chloroquine, a well known antimalarial, antiviral as well as anticancer drug. Graphene oxide has been synthesized by the modified hummers method and its solution is prepared in aqueous medium. The formation of the Graphene oxide was confirmed from the characteristics UV spectroscopy as well as FTIR data. Chloroquine was conjugated with graphene oxide on the basis of the physical interaction mainly the π-π interactions between the Graphene oxide double bonded network and the chloroquine double bond network. Drug loading is confirmed by the UV spectroscopy and the results are overlapped by the FTIR spectroscopy. The design of Graphene oxide based Nano therapeutic agents with improved functionality, creates more opportunities in the field of nanomedicine.