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Growth of Coca-Cola through acquisitions: A c...

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Growth of Coca-Cola through acquisitions: A c...

Growth of Coca-Cola through acquisitions: A case study to assess the pros and cons

Author Name : Jaslin Oberoi


This paper conducts a strategic assessment of the Coca-Cola Company, a soft drink industry leader. Coca-Cola seems to be the one brand that everybody on the planet recognizes. Founded in 1886 as a simple patent - protected drug corporation in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has grown to become the world's largest beverage producer. Coca-Cola has been in Indian markets since 1987, with such a rich historical legacy of more than two decades, having extraordinary marketing tactics, and a supreme portfolio comprising of over 500 products. When we speak about market presence, we're talking about its worth and how it relates to stories, remembrances, affiliations, and social connections. Six acquisitions and 24 investments have been made by the Coca-Cola Company. The acquisitions cost the business more than $ 9.40 billion. The company holds investments in a variety of industries. Coca-Cola seems to be on a global expansion mode in order to guard soft drink sales risks and expand its portfolio throughout numerous product segments. Acquisitions of smaller businesses and forthcoming brands, in addition to product diversification and improvement, have played a pivotal role in this cola titan's remarkable growth.

Keywords – Coca-Cola, Acquisitions, portfolio, growth, strategic assessment, investments