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Higher Education And Women Participation In K...

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Higher Education And Women Participation In K...

Higher Education And Women Participation In Kashmir: A qualitative study

Author Name : Tabbasum Maqbool, Dr. Salima Jan


Education is the freedom, as well as the empowerment of the male in modern civilization, is apparent to the country. Empowerment and women education are indicators of advancement. Female learning guarantees long and holistic development. It is a substantial issue when it talks about the females from the marginalized area of society as well as in the higher class of the academic area. The current situation is the evidence of a good number of females from the marginalized area who are currently in advanced schooling. The scholarship, as well as economic support of the household, are as a channel in getting the positive difference in the condition as well as the place of females in our male dominating society with the encouragement of education. The present study is meant for pointing out the analysis of education in bringing out the value of females as well as their positions particularly in the marginalized as well as minority aisle of Indian society. This particular paper indents to learn the informative issues and challenges of females in Kashmir in achieving higher education.

Keywords: Challenges, Empowerment, Higher Education, women