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Imageries as a Motivational Medium for Early ...

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Imageries as a Motivational Medium for Early ...

Imageries as a Motivational Medium for Early Education

Author Name : Bindulika Sharma

It is well required, to identify the Grassroots nature of early childhood perspectives their likes and their dislikes, before hoping for any desirable outcome for Children's learning. Our finding depends on many obvious quires, like for instance, what really motivates Learning in Young Children? / What are the main challenges to initiate Motivation? / How to enhance appropriate motivational concepts to meet the diverse needs of all children? / The basic theoretical principles of child development and learning strongly reflect the scope and sequence to any logical assumption. Thus, understanding and reviewing the, experiences and contributions of various philosophers, researchers and educationists could be a key factor in our research approach. Studying the specialists concern on varied learning strategies and the result of various developmental aspects on children education undoubtedly stands as the most important step in achieving any effective child outcomes.