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Impact of Total Quality Management on Managin...

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Impact of Total Quality Management on Managin...

Impact of Total Quality Management on Managing and Reducing Total Cycle Time in Manufacturing Projects

Author Name : Osama Q. Abdullah, / Ammar Ali Awad

ABSTRACT: In today’s modern era, technology is changing rapidly and there is a great demand of creative ability in product development. To cope with this situation, there is an urgent need for Iraqi industries to change the way they operate. However, reduction and managing cycle time in manufacturing is a philosophy that follows TQM and JIT, and considered the most important factors in the process of manufacturing project management that seeks to reduce the total time required to complete on the schedules all the activities that occur during order processing, design, supply management, production, and distribution of a product or service. The ultimate aim of this paper is to study the impact of total quality management (TQM) concept and argues that its application is the critical need of our industries and for successful companies to survive with the emergence and expansion of the global marketplace to continuously adapt their products to meet new market demands in order to stand their ground in a highly competitive environment. This paper is divided into three segments: the first gives a brief introduction to the TQM philosophy and discusses TQM systems and tools; the second discusses the effect of TQM application on Cycle Time Management (CTM) and explains what is meant by “Cycle Time Management”; and the third, presents some of the benefits that were realized by international organizations implementing TQM.