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"Imparting Awareness: A case study of Bipolar...

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"Imparting Awareness: A case study of Bipolar...

"Imparting Awareness: A case study of Bipolar Disorder"

Author Name : Dr. Sameer Narang, Dr. Satinder Kumar


In Healthcare/Medical Sciences there are certain diseases like Psychiatric illnesses which many people suffer in Punjab, INDIA and all over the world. These illnesses are with the people of all age groups, professions, gender, income and all the sections of the society including rich & poor. All these illnesses are associated with stigma and discrimination as the society and population are not aware of these psychiatric illnesses and factors associated with them. The word “Psychiatric”/”Psychiatrist”/”Psychologist” when society and population hear they think that the patient is mad or mental and he/she may or may not become normal and join the mainstream of society, nation and world. There is a need to to make society educated of the various mental illnesses and how to bring these patients to mainstream and so that they can contribute to society, nation and world as normal healthy human beings. The paper is theoretical and is based on qualitative research and collected data from secondary sources of information. The patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses can overcome their hesitation and share their thoughts and symptoms with their loved ones who can help them overcome their illness by getting them proper and timely medication as well as counselling.   

Keywords: Mental illnesses, patients, research, study.