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Implant Surface Modification and Osseo Integr...

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Implant Surface Modification and Osseo Integr...

Implant Surface Modification and Osseo Integration- Past, Present and Future

Author Name : Dr. Richa Mehta, Dr Swapnil Pande, Dr. Sonia Nanda, Dr. Tarun Nanda

ABSTRACT: Biological fixation between the dental implant surfaces and jaw bones should be considered a prerequisite for the long-term success of implant-supported prostheses. The implant surface modifications gained an important and decisive place in implant research over the last years. Nowadays, a large number of implant types with a great variety of surface properties and other features are commercially available and have to be treated with caution. Although surface modifications have been shown to enhance osseointegration at early implantation times, for example, the clinician should look for research evidence before selecting a dental implant for a specific use.