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Implementation paper for the Collaborative Fi...

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Implementation paper for the Collaborative Fi...

Implementation paper for the Collaborative Filtering of log Files

Author Name : Bharti Solanki, Prof. Roshni Dubey

ABSTRACT:  The web is a rich source of information and knowledge. The web mining is a technique to extract the useful knowledge from the large amount of information from the web. In order to extract different kind of data, web mining technique is divided into three domains, i.e., web usage mining, web content mining and web structure mining. The utilization of the recommender system frequently performed on the ecommerce websites, for suggesting a product according to the user behaviour. The proposed recommender system uses the web access log data as an input, which is defined in web usage mining. Due to the lack of optimized recommendations, an optimization technique, i.e., PSO algorithm will be used in our proposed work. And as an output the most fitted URL is predicted as recommendation for the user. The proposed system is implemented using the java technology and their performance is evaluated in terms of space and time complexity and .This method can also be helpful for enhancing the user experience in web by implementing with the pre-fetching and caching of the web pages, developing the web cache replacement policy and other similar application.