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Importance of Visual Learning in Early Childh...

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Importance of Visual Learning in Early Childh...

Importance of Visual Learning in Early Childhood Education

Author Name : Bindulika Sharma

The formative period of a human being —his „early childhood years‟, is simply the amazing process that develops and grows in all directions: physical, emotional, mental and social. A child is born into a world of sound. For a child, an urge to know is as natural as breathing in and breathing out. They are bundle of curiosity about practically everything. They are born with rhythm - built in-the rhythm of the heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing and sounds, they hear rhythm of mother‟s footsteps, the fast rhythm of excited talk, the slower rhythm of comforting talk. Sooner or later sounds become “I-like” sounds and “1-don‟t like” sounds, and the process of attaching meaning to the sound begins.