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Increment of Bio Life Hit Simulation Ratio

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Increment of Bio Life Hit Simulation Ratio

Increment of Bio Life Hit Simulation Ratio

Author Name : Chaity Dey, Rakesh Bose

ABSTRACT This article introduces Kabirian-based optinalysis (KBO), a conceptually grounded framework for estimating symmetry/asymmetry, similarity/dissimilarity, and identity/unidentity in mathematical structures. Inspired by isomorphism and automorphism, KBO offers a fresh perspective by considering mirror-like reflections and preserving distances. Additionally, a framework called geometrical pairwise analysis (GPA) for biological sequences is proposed as an extension of KBO. Python codes are provided for practical implementation. GPA incorporates position-specific and character-specific analysis, enabling comprehensive characterization of matches, mismatches, and deletions. Evaluation of well-structured datasets demonstrates the superior sensitivity and robustness of GPA compared to the conventional pairwise sequence similarity metric