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India’s Energy Challenge and Renewable Ener...

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India’s Energy Challenge and Renewable Ener...

India’s Energy Challenge and Renewable Energy Solution

Author Name : Abrar Ahmad


India is unique nation in many ways, geography of a subcontinent, distinct with neighbors, one of highest density of population, supporting most people on earth except china. While India has recognized the power of people as resource for becoming a superpower, but only thing that is acting as impediment is energy. Since India is dependent on foreign nations for its 80% of gas, 70% of oil, and 50% of all its energy consumption, the energy security of India is vulnerable. In this context renewable energy comes as a rescue, but the share of it is still not sufficient enough to end its dependency, provided the hunger for energy is increasing by 10% annually. This paper delves into energy challenge from India’s perspective, and explores the renewable energy options fit for it. 

Keywords: Energy Challenge, Renewable Energy, India