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India’s Nuclear Policy: An Overview

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India’s Nuclear Policy: An Overview

India’s Nuclear Policy: An Overview

Author Name : Dr. Aftabuddin Ahammad

INTRODUCTION India’s Nuclear Policy is Guided by a doctrine of credible minimum deterrence, emphasizing self-reliance and a commitment to a “no first use”(NFU)stance. The country conducted its first nuclear test in 1974, officially declaring itself a nuclear weapon state. India’s approach is rooted in maintaining a strong defence while advocating global nuclear disarmament. The policy has evolved over the years, adapting to regional security dynamics and international developments. Background: India’s nuclear policy has historical roots dating back to its independence in 1947. Initially, India adopted a stance of nuclear disarmament and global non-proliferation. However, security concerns, particularly the 1962 Sino-Indian War and the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War, prompted a reassessment of its security needs.