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Indian Coin Currency Recognition Using Machin...

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Indian Coin Currency Recognition Using Machin...

Indian Coin Currency Recognition Using Machine Learning

Author Name : Sakshi Deo, Pranali kale, Snehal Dawkhar, Meghana Patil, Vidula Meshram


Recognizing and classifying currencies is an important task. In everyday life, both paper and coin cash play a significant role in transactions. However, there are many databases available for paper cash, but only a few datasets are available for coin currency. Coin currency recognition is crucial because, despite the small amount of money involved in coin transactions, errors in recognition can result in significant losses.

Some research has been done on banknote and coin detection using a deep convolutional neural network, thanks to recent advances in machine and deep learning technologies (CNN). Coins have distinct designs and sizes according to the denomination, and can be sorted in the bank with minimal human error. These flaws make it harder to evaluate and recognize things. Because money plays such an important role in daily life and in business transactions, real-time detection and recognition of currency is required for a person, particularly one who is blind or visually impaired, or for a data sorting system. In this paper we are discussing previous research regarding coin recognition and also the dataset created by us which can be accessed for further research.