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Indian Political Promotion & Campaign Strateg...

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Indian Political Promotion & Campaign Strateg...

Indian Political Promotion & Campaign Strategies

Author Name : Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma

Political promotion attracts public attention and debate. Political promotion is an elementary part of political life. Presidents and prime ministers; politicians and parties; government departments and councils all use promotion in their pursuit of political goals. It has become the focus of many movies over the years such as Nayak, Satyagraha, Rajneeti which cover strategy, branding, positioning, crisis management, polling, and raise ethical issues of authenticity, targeting ethnic minorities and gender. Political promotion is evolving. Campaigns now rely on political promotion for success in elections. Without the promotion tactics they employ; their messaging would not be distributed to the voting public. As much as we might like to think we vote based on the policy each candidate puts forward before an election, the votes we (and millions of others) place are shaped by carefully targeted and highly optimized political promotion campaigns. From talk show appearances to direct mail leaflets, a wide variety of techniques are used to influence public opinion of a political party, policy or candidate.