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Influence of osmotic agents on drying behavio...

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Influence of osmotic agents on drying behavio...

Influence of osmotic agents on drying behavior and product quality of pineapple (Anana scomosus) fruit

Author Name : N. Gandhi*, C.R. Anusha, E. Vennela, S. Vandhana

ABSTRACT The present investigation was carried out with the objective to develop value added products and to assess the quality parameters and drying characteristics of osmotically pretreated pineapple (Anana scomosus) cubes via hot air oven at different drying temperatures (40oC, 60oC and 80oC) with 60 Brix osmotic solutions. Fresh fruits of pineapple (Anana scomosus) was manually sliced and pretreated in 60 Brix osmotic solutions (i.e. solutions prepared by adding sucrose, citric acid, orange and lemon juice) for 24 hours. Dehydrated guava cubes prepared were stored under ambient (22oC to 27oC) and cool (1oC to 4oC) conditions in polyethylene bags and aluminium laminated pouches. The stored pineapple (Anana scomosus) cubes were subjected to physico – chemical analysis at 30 days interval for a period of 120 days. Pineapple (Anana scomosus) health/herbal drink was prepared by adding flavored water by using leftover syrup which prepared to soak pineapple. The prepared drink stored at ambient and cool temperatures in a plastic bottles for 35 days. Sensory studies and storage analysis carried at every 10 days time interval for a period of 35 days. The analysis reports and process cost for preparation concluded that air dried pineapple cubes and health/herbal drink prepared from leftover syrup gives an economical solution for startup food industry.