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IoT-Based Library system for the Developing f...

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IoT-Based Library system for the Developing f...

IoT-Based Library system for the Developing framework of Implementation

Author Name : Amit Gupta


IoT as a prevalentphenomenon is transforming daily life by the usage of the smart features of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies. As IoT progresses, it has extended in size and dimension, improving many contexts of the society; such as, the traditional library system. This research proposes an implementation frame work for employing the IoT in renovating the conventional library systems to become smart online library schemes. The IoT enable connectivity of a physical object (such as a book or other text typologies) with the real-time communication technology by using the RFID tags and tiny sensors. The continuous monitoring of books in real-time and the tracking of labeled objects geographically are some desirable characteristics that result from the use of the IoT tags. These characteristics of IoT allow implementing an online library supply chain, integrating it with different types of technologies such as databases, data gathering, and cloud systems. The Internet of Things can also provide a global linking of a huge number of libraries and universities in real time, all the time. It is concluded that the IoT-based library management systems will be a promising structure that can play a vital role in the human data organization and knowledge access by helping researchers, designers, and administrators in a more efficient and smarter manner.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), library system, Information and Communication Technology (ICT).