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IOT Based Medication Reminder Using Node MCU

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IOT Based Medication Reminder Using Node MCU

IOT Based Medication Reminder Using Node MCU

Author Name : V. Vinay Kumar, Dr. K. V. Ranga Rao, V. Sridhar

ABSTRACT: Medication misuse among the elderly has become a big issue in healthcare industry. Especially for those who have been prescribed several different medications at once and for a prolonged duration of time, they tend to forget to take their medicine on time, or they easily taking wrong medicine on same time. This medication pill box is focused on patients, who frequently take medications or vitamin supplements, or attendants who deal with the more seasoned or patients. Our smart pill box is programmable that enables medical caretakers or clients to determine the pill amount and timing to take pills, and the service times for every day. Regular pill boxes with alarms typically have storage space for seven days or more of medications. There are some that have medication compartments for one day. The alarm systems on them may be a sound alarm, flash alarm, may be customizable allowing patients or caregivers to record personalized messages, or the alarm may be some combination of the three types of alarm. Though the pill box alarms maybe available in various colors, sizes, and features it has not automated the process. Instead a family member must be available to change the pills in each box every time based on the schedule. To avoid this we have decided to provide the seniors with better care and a more hassle free solution through the concept of Internet of things using Node MCU.