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Isolation and Characterization of PHB (Poly H...

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Isolation and Characterization of PHB (Poly H...

Isolation and Characterization of PHB (Poly Hydroxy Butyrate) Producing Bacteria from Organic and Chemically Fertilized Soil

Author Name : Renuga K, Ms. Abirami S


Numerous bacteria produce the macromolecules PHB (Poly Hydroxy Butyrate). They are inclusion bodies that the bacteria store as reserve materials when they are under stress. The buildup of non-biodegradable polymers is one of the biggest environmental issues. As a result of their quick degradability, PHB is an excellent replacement for plastics made from petroleum. The current work describes the isolation, screening, and subsequent PHB (bio polymer) production of soil bacteria from various Localities. Two of the isolated bacterial strains were chosen, and their capacities to assemble PHB granules inside their cells under various conditions were evaluated. Sudan black B dye was used as the major qualitative screening method. PHB production conditions were enhanced using various carbon and nitrogen sources, as well as the greatest levels of PHB production was noted. The isolates were identified biochemically as Klebsiellaand Pseudomonas sp. The optimised conditions for PHB production by Klebsiella and Pseudomonas sp are thus the subject of the current study, which offers significant information that can be applied to the industrial production of PHB, a rapidly developing substitute for non-biodegradable plastics.

Keywords: Biodegradable, Polyhydroxybutyrate (Phb), And Optimization.