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Knowledge and Attitude towards ‘Caste Exoga...

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Knowledge and Attitude towards ‘Caste Exoga...

Knowledge and Attitude towards ‘Caste Exogamy’ among under graduate Dental Students

Author Name : Dr. Yerra Osborn Emmanuel Raj, Dr. K.V.N.R. Pratap, Dr. T. Madhavi Padma, Dr. V. Siva Kalyan, Dr. V. Srujan Kumar

ABSTRACT Backgroud: Caste exogamy is more prevalent in India now a days hence it is foremost salient to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding caste exogamy and to put an end to the negative consequences happening because of caste exogamy. This study mainly aims to determine the knowledge level and attitude among dental adults between the age of 19 and 24 years in khammam.