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Labour policy-Future of Labour Society by imp...

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Labour policy-Future of Labour Society by imp...

Labour policy-Future of Labour Society by implementing various steps to make secure and sound future for Modern Indian Labour Society

Author Name : Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev


Labour is the most rudimentary and vital element in the production system. It is a chief offering to the manufacturing of goods and services in an economy. Labour in India can be classified as skilled and unskilled labour, 94 % of the labourers in India work under the unstructured system , which is temporary and unsecured .New Labour policies are required to change the labour structure for the development of economy. Eradicate the old orthodox mentality of the society and provide women with decent job facilities, ensuring proper baking and insurance facilities, Providing proper skill and vocational training for the jobs, reducing the unemployment rate in India. Changing the work culture by providing healthy environment at the work place .For the Eradication of poverty and Hunger from India change in the labour policy is the need of the hour. As economic growth is the only weapon which can help India develop in a sustainable manner .It is the unskilled labourers of the country who can provide the maximum growth and development of a nation.

Keywords: Labour, manufacture, vocational training, economy, eradication, poverty, skilled and unskilled labour