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Medical Record Searching Scheme with Enabling...

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Medical Record Searching Scheme with Enabling...

Medical Record Searching Scheme with Enabling Privacy

Author Name : Prof. N. Sendhil Kumar , M. Vinod Kumar , Y. Ramaswami Reddy , M. Yugandhar , Naralasetty Syam Venkata Sai

ABSTRACT In the field of medicine, the cases of past patients are highly confidential and incredibly valuable for diagnosing current diseases. Thus, an important and anticipated task in the future of privacy-preserving intelligent medical field is finding ways to utilize valuable cases without compromising patients' privacy. In this article, we explore a method to access the medical records of patients from a previous case database in a secure manner, while ensuring the privacy of both the current diagnosed patient and the case database. We propose a privacypreserving medical record searching scheme, which is based on the El Gamal Blind Signature technique. In our system, the patient's healthy data and the doctor's database are modified so that they are not identifiable. This allows the patient to make a secure self-diagnosis by accessing the previous case database and comparing the modified summaries of their current data with previous records