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Multicast Routing for Path Establishment in V...

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Multicast Routing for Path Establishment in V...

Multicast Routing for Path Establishment in Vehicular Ad hoc Network

Author Name : Rohit kumar Gupta, Mrs Shaveta Bala


A network that consists of several vehicular nodes which can enter or exit the network freely is known as Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET). It is challenging task to set up a secure and efficient route amid the source node and the destination node due to the highermobility of vehicles within VANETs. Two components such as least hop count and the sequence number are considered to select thepath between source and destination. This path is established usingthe multicasting method in this research work. The data is routed for selecting the root nodes from the network in this multicasting method. The path is selected amid source and destination by the means of a root node. The projected method is deployed on NS2 and the analytic outcomes are obtained in the evaluation of certain parametric values.

Keywords: VANET, Broadcasting, Multicasting, LAR