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Nanomaterials in Chemistry: A Review Article

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Nanomaterials in Chemistry: A Review Article

Nanomaterials in Chemistry: A Review Article

Author Name : Pooja Vatta*, Mandeep Kaur, Rajwant Kaur

ABSTRACT Nanostructures science and technology is tremendous and multifaceted area of research in which nanomaterials are keystones. Anomalous properties of distinct types of nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes (CNT), quantum dots, nanowires, fullerenes, dendrimers provides them electrical, mechanical, thermal and catalytic characteristics which are highly prudential for the applications in various fields like commercial, medical, environmental, electronics etc. An eloquent property of nanomaterials which make them different from other materials is that they have an enormous surface area due to which nanomaterials are exceedingly reactive in comparison to their larger form. In nano level, quantum effect becomes more pronounced on the performance of particles. Nanotubes are one of the well known applications of nanomaterials in which carbon nanotubes (CNT) are one of the remarkable example. Nanomaterials possess applications in bio-medical sciences in which quantum dots have been used in cancer therapy, silicon based structures can act as an artificial growth. Detailed overviews of properties, classification and all-embracing applications of nanomaterials have been discussed in this paper.