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Nourishmeter: A Nutrition Estimator

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Nourishmeter: A Nutrition Estimator

Nourishmeter: A Nutrition Estimator

Author Name : Minakshee Chandankhede , Mansi Dhakate, Ashlesha Deshmukh , Rajat Thipe , Rahmat Qureshi , Anish Dhepe , Komal Dhote

ABSTRACT The prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases and the growing emphasis on individualized health management underscore the need for innovative solutions that empower individuals to make informed dietary choices. In response to this, we introduce Nourish-Meter, a comprehensive nutrition estimator designed to address the core elements of a healthy diet, namely calorie estimation, Body Mass Index (BMI) prediction, and calorie estimation using medical history. Nourish Meter leverages cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning and dietary analysis, to provide a multifaceted approach to nutrition assessment. It serves as a calorie estimator, allowing users to easily and accurately determine the calorie content of their meals. Moreover, Nourish Meter offers BMI prediction functionality, enabling users to assess their current BMI and set personalized dietary goals. In addition to calorie estimation and BMI prediction, Nourish Meter takes nutrition assessment a step further by offering insights of user’s medical history. Users can input their medical history and the system generates personalized recommendations, flagging foods that may exacerbate or trigger specific health conditions. We believe that Nourish Meter’s holistic approach to nutrition estimation and management can play a significant role in the prevention and management of lifestyle-related diseases, ultimately fostering a healthier and more informed society