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Obesity: Effect on Sympathetic Nervous System

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Obesity: Effect on Sympathetic Nervous System

Obesity: Effect on Sympathetic Nervous System

Author Name : Gursimran Jeet Singh, Dr Manila Jain, Dr Harmeet Singh

ABSTRACT Introduction: Obesity is recognized as a major, worldwide, health issue. It is a pathological condition in which excess body fat accumulates to the extent that it may produce an adverse effect on health, leading to cardiovascular problems and reduced life expectancy. Methods and materials: The present study was conducted in the Department of Physiology, Index Medical College, and Indore. 60 obese (30 male and 30 female) and 60 non-obese (30 male and 30 female) subjects were examined in the study. Two tests (Orthostatic tolerance test and Cold pressure test) were performed on each subject to assess the sympathetic nervous system activity. Result: All data is expressed as mean ±standard deviation. Comparison between all 4 groups (obese male, nonobese male, obese female and non-obese female) was performed using the student‟s t-test (t-test for two independent samples). Differences were considered significant at p<0.05.