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Ocusert: An Improved Drug Delivery System

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Ocusert: An Improved Drug Delivery System

Ocusert: An Improved Drug Delivery System

Author Name : Navdeep Jaiswal, Ankit Sharma, Bholenath Birla


An ocular insert represents an improved technology in eye disease therapy. Designing and development of an ocular insert is a challenge ever faced by researchers or manufacturer. In the ophthalmology; eye drop have ever found to be an easy remedy from the administration point of view. In case of conventional dosage forms the fast precorneal loss of drug has been a major difficulty. To improve ocular drug bioavailability, there are significant guidelines have been directed towards new drug delivery systems for administration in Eye. By means of ocular insert, the researcher has always taken efforts to release the drug at controlled rate to avoid frequent administration of drug. The ocular insert consist of controlled, delayed or sustained release biodegradable implantable components of different material in multiple layers. The inserts can be classified in various classes like Insoluble, soluble or biodegradable as per its solubility. The release of drug from the insert depends upon the diffusion, osmosis, and bioerosion of the drug.

Keyword: Ocular Inserts, Biodegradable Implant, Bioerosion, Osmosis