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Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing: Det...

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Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing: Det...

Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing: Detailed Overview

Author Name : Shreya Mane

ABSTRACT Applications of optimization techniques in metal cutting processes are crucial for a production unit to effectively respond to intense competition and growing market demand for high-quality products in today's quickly changing manufacturing industry environment. Modeling of the relationship between input-output and in-process parameters as well as the selection of the ideal cutting conditions are two optimization techniques that are commonly used in metal cutting processes and are thought to be essential tools for improving output quality in products and processes. Topology optimization is a sophisticated structural design process that was created to provide novel, high-performance combinations that are lightweight and challenging to make using standard methods. Additive manufacturing is a cutting-edge manufacturing method that creates structures exactly as specified by layer-by-layer combining materials, offering a different pattern for intricate components. The combination of topology optimization with additive manufacturing can maximize each technology's benefits and potential and has a broad range of potential applications in contemporary manufacturing. This article summarizes the key findings and practical applications of contemporary research on topology optimization and additive manufacturing, including multi-scale or hierarchical structure optimization design and topology optimization taking additive manufacturing limitations.