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Organic Food Industry – Perspective, Prospe...

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Organic Food Industry – Perspective, Prospe...

Organic Food Industry – Perspective, Prospect and Problems

Author Name : Dr. Mahavir M. Shetiya, Dr. Vinaydeep Brar, Dr. S. G. Walke

ABSTRACT Conventional methods of growing food have come under heavy criticism for excessive use of chemical fertilizers causing deadly diseases like Cancer. The WHO report reveals that one out of 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime and one out of 15 will die from the disease. Organic products are grown under an arrangement of agriculture without the utilization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an ecologically and socially dependable methodology. This is a technique for cultivating that works at grass root level safeguarding the conceptive and regenerative limit of the soil, great plant nutrition, and sound soil management, produces nutritious food rich in vitality that has protection from diseases. This article looks at the strategic positioning of the organic food industry in India along with its prospects and problems. Primary data has been collected from 100 health care experts. Findings suggest that for a country like India that is at a high risk of cancer, the organic food industry holds huge potential as an alternative to conventional methods of growing food. At the same time, some problems will have to be addressed.