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Pain and Functional Difficulty in Osteoarthri...

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Pain and Functional Difficulty in Osteoarthri...

Pain and Functional Difficulty in Osteoarthritis – A Literature Review

Author Name : Gopi. J, Abhishek Poul Ravi, Manikandan. D, Maria Ceciliya Rayan. P, Swethamalathy. S, Sathiya Priya.V

ABSTRACT Pain and functional difficulty in osteoarthritis. - A Literature review. The objective was to systematically review and analyse scientific literature to assess pain and functional difficulty in osteoarthritis. This literature review included articles from National & international journals indexed in PubMed, Google scholar and Science Direct. We selected totally 16 articles. The year of publication of articles ranged from 2007 to 2020 and most of papers we're cross sectional studies. Papers were included by reading & analyzing the article. Reviews showed that there was a correlation between pain, functional disability and quality of life among osteoarthritis knee patients. Radiographic findings also associated with pain and activity in patients with knee osteoarthritis.Function in patients with osteoarthritis is restricted as a result of excess body weight. Light activity may be a more acceptable way to increase the physical activity than moderate activity for people with symptomatic knee pain.Obesity, female gender, old age were found to be risk factor for osteoarthritis.